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"Living in Harmony with Nature, Building Comprehensive Health"

About Us

PT Nectars Natura Karya is a company engaged in the industry and trade of Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

Established since 2015, Nectars has consistently endeavored to create skincare products processed entirely using organic and natural raw materials. Through in-depth research and regular testing, our products come with a guarantee of excellent quality and have received thousands of satisfying testimonials from loyal consumers.



Our skincare products are made from natural and organic ingredients, making them safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, pregnant women, children, babies, and cancer patients. We also focus on ingredients sourced from local biodiversity plant extracts with high antioxidants to prevent premature aging and chronic skin or body diseases. With a composition free from detergents and other synthetic chemicals, we offer environmentally friendly products that only produce biodegradable waste.


Nectars has a grand mission, which is to empower local farmers, who are our largest raw material suppliers. They are the heroes who contribute to the preservation of plant biodiversity and exotic spices in our country.


Not stopping there, Nectars is also committed to the environment and its sustainability. Therefore, we actively engage in innovation and improve company efficiency based on the goals of sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals) through concrete actions, including an environmentally friendly waste management system and the production of biodegradable products.

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